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What is direct-to-plate photopolymer photogravure?

Direct-to-plate photopolymer photogravure is a process that uses photopolymer plates in combination with digital photography. The image is transferred directly on to the plate with the use of an inkjet printer. Plates are then exposed using UV light, processed with water and printed via an etching press. This method does away with the need for a double exposure and the vacuum frame meaning you will spend less time making plates, and more time making prints!

Working with Silvi offers an insight into the hybridisation of digital techniques with hand made printing processes and covers printmaking techniques, including various ink and paper options. She teaches a non-toxic approach without the use of solvents or acids. This tuition assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of Photoshop and your digital camera.

Fee $450 for one person, 2 people $350 each person  (materials charged extra).
Dates to suit you – week day or weekend
To book please fill in the form below or call Silvi directly on 0417 377 962.

Silvi Glattauer

Silvi Glattauer is a professional practicing photographer with a particular interest in non-silver alternative processes. She specialises in the photogravure process using non-toxic photopolymer plates. She finds that the combination of traditional printmaking with photographic images gives her work an added dimension that further develops the use of photography in fine art practice. Silvi also has a background in the Adult Education Sector with extensive experience in co-ordinating and running workshops. She has been running workshops at The Baldessin Press & Studio for the past 16 years as well as teaching photographic fine art printmaking at RMIT and Melbourne Polytechnic in Melbourne.

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