2017 Creative Fellowship Residency announcement event, State Library Victoria
L-R: 2017 resident Kyoko Imazu, 2016 resident Ros Atkins, Tess Edwards, Indra Kurzeme, Nicole Bowller

State Library Victoria, in partnership with The Baldessin Press & Studio, offers two special residency opportunities as part of their annual Creative Fellowship program. 

The Amor Residency

The Amor Residency at The Baldessin Press & Studio is generously supported by Rick Amor and is offered to a printmaker wishing to further their printmaking practice, using research material from the State Library to inform their practice.

The Amor Residency at The Baldessin Press & Studio may take place at any time within the year of the award, according to the recipient’s project and research plans. The offer may include accommodation onsite at the Press, printmaking tuition/technical support, limited materials or editioning to the sum of $5000. Please contact us prior to submitting your application so we can provide further information on how you may wish to allocate the prize, specific to your project and needs.

The successful recipient also receives a State Library mentor and a dedicated space within the Library for their research throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to be involved in the Baldessin Press events.

We encourage applicants who wish to further their printmaking practice, or artists wishing to explore the medium for the first time. Please provide strong visual support material (good quality images of previous artwork) in the application.

2014 Recipient - William Kelly

2015 Recipient - Nicola Stairmand

2016 Recipient - Ros Atkins

2017 Recipient - Kyoko Imazu

2018 Recipient - Glen Skien

2019 recipient - Judith Martinez Estrada

Tate Adams Artist’s Book residency

Commencing from 2019

Baldessin Press & Studio in conjunction with State Library Victoria is pleased to announce a new Residency/Fellowship for 2019, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Morag Fraser AM.
This will be the Tate Adams Memorial Residency at Baldessin Press and SLV, awarded for the creation of an Artist’s Book.
Applications are invited from an artist, to accomplish a limited edition or unique state artists book, using research from SLV and the studio facilities at Baldessin Press & Studio.
Each application will be judged on individual merit, including the artist’s personal conception, expression and definition of book art.  We recognise that a high degree of flexibility is required in this, and will make allowances accordingly.
The applicant artist’s proposed book project should be, as far as possible, clearly described, including the content, design and finished object.  This may (or may not) include original text, typography, printmaking component, and binding / presentation.  Sketches and examples of previous work are welcome as well as images of prints etc.   Creative content is of primary importance.
Baldessin Press can supply studio access, accommodation and assistance to facilitate the book project in many ways, to the sum of $5000 over the 12 month period.  It is expected that each creative project will be unique, therefore requiring a level of flexibility in its realisation.
State Library Victoria offers a place as a prestigious Creative Fellow, with all the advantages and privileges this entails, including access to the SLV’s impressive collection of artists books.

2019 Recipient - August Carpenter