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Printing directly on to plate for a photogravure

Direct to Plate Photogravure – One on One Tuition with Silvi Glattauer

Can’t wait for the next workshop or the dates don’t suit you? Power learn with private tuition.

What is Direct to Plate photopolymer photogravure?

Learn the use of photopolymer plates in combination with digital photography to create Photogravures. This is a non-toxic approach without the use of solvents, or acids. The image is transferred directly on to the plate with the use of an inkjet printer. Plates are then exposed using UV light, processed with water and printed via an etching press. This method does away with the need for a double exposure and the vacuum frame. You will spend less time making plates, and more time making prints! Gain an insight into the hybridisation of digital techniques with hand made printing processes. Covers printmaking techniques, including inks and paper options, and various colour options.

This workshop assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of Photoshop and your digital camera. Continue reading